Facebook users are talking turkey (and stuffing)

Suzanne Choney / Devin Coldewey / TODAY.com

Max, an Australian Shepherd, would be posting on Facebook about the holiday, but he's too busy looking at real turkeys.

Just as we share our personal thoughts about movies, politics, fashion and relationships on Facebook, when it comes to holiday times, we're all about the special day — and the food that comes with it. A tally by the social network shows a huge increase in the searches of key Thanksgiving dishes. Compared to how much they were searched a month ago:

  • "Turkey" is up 235 percent
  • "Stuffing," 192 percent
  • "Cranberry," 82 percent
  • "Mashed potatoes," 41 percent
  • "Gravy," 30 percent

"Pie" is only up 16 percent. Our guess is because there's pretty much no wrong time for pie. Except maybe after a huge Thanksgiving feast.

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