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Hilarious! Watch kids react to YouTube stars

When they aren't spoiling movies, TV or books with rapid-fire plot points delivered in a single take, YouTube's Fine Brothers inflict viral videos on our nation's youth and film their reactions for our entertainment.

Either way, this popular (and allegedly related) comedy duo are endlessly hilarious. In their sixth installment of "Kids React!" the Fine Brothers put the focus on some of their fellow YouTube superstars, getting youth culture's take on Fred, Annoying Orange, MysteryGuitarMan and iJustine. If you don't know any of these names, rest assured, these kids — like all children with Internet access — know more than a few. And if you don't get why they're so popular, this delightful assortment of children will happily explain it to you.

Watch and learn, especially if you're a parent ... or in marketing. This is the future of entertainment.

(I especially enjoy Tiny Hipster Girl with Red Glasses. She already hates everything.)

The Fine Brothers spoil everything: