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Facebook kills the comment button, adds an edit feature

The next time you reply to someone's Facebook wall post, don't bother looking for the "comment" button. From now on, all you have to do in order to submit a typed reply is hit enter. Yes, that'll cause some annoyances when you just want to add a paragraph break, but to compensate for that trouble, Facebook's finally allowing us to edit our comments after posting them.

The Next Web reports that this little commenting feature update hit Facebook accounts sometime this morning and that a great deal of users are already expressing annoyance over the change.

You see, folks aren't happy about having to hold down the SHIFT key when pressing ENTER if they want to add a paragraph break to their Facebook comments. If they forget to hold down the second button, they'll wind up immediately posting a comment and being forced to take advantage of the new editing feature just to correct it.

While it's annoying to be forced to use the edit feature any time one forgets about the fact that hitting the ENTER button now posts comments, the feature itself is actually pretty useful in general:

Before the change, if you posted a comment and then realised you had misspelled a word or posted in error, you would have to delete your message and then type it out again. With Facebook’s new system, you can click the “X”, the same as you would have done before, but this time the message you posted remains in the input box, allowing you to amend it and repost or ignore it and have it delete permanently.

So, while the initial response to Facebook's latest commenting feature update is negative, we have a hunch that people will be won over by it pretty soon. After all, who doesn't like finally having the ability to edit out typos like a sneaky ninja?

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