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Kids on Rebecca Black's 'Friday': 'Dessert with a pig on top'

The rift between the olds and the youngs, called out in the tumultuous '60s in songs such as The Who's "My Generation" and Bob Dylan's "The Times They Are a-Changin," is at last healed by another popular tune that defines an age: Rebecca Black's "Friday."

Turns out, the song the Internet claims to hate, that became the meme that won't go away, is equally reviled by the age group to which it's targeted as it is the grups.

In their latest "Kids React" installment, YouTube comedians The Fine Brothers subject impressionable youth to the "most hated song on YouTube," and let hilarity ensue.

"It was entertaining because it was terrible," says Lia, 14, who nonetheless admits "I've seen this video so many times."

Meanwhile, William, 10, asks "Do I have to listen to the whole song?"

Not all the reviews were bad however. Morgan, 6, describes "Friday" as "Dessert with a pig on top."

The more irritated kids in the group are more forgiving once they learn,"the video was written, produced and uploaded by a company that charged her parents thousands of dollars to make it for her under the guise that it's going to be an awesome video."

According to Darius, 11, "If I was the parents, I would sue."

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