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Facebook app makes love matches among friends


Facebook gives you ways to track breakups and to cause breakups, so it's only fair that it somehow allows you to create love matches as well. Now, thanks to a new app, it does.

The Huffington Post reports that a pair of Columbia University Business School students created a Facebook app called iWould which encourages people to get together — without risking too much rejection in the process.

The way the app works is that you'll select up to ten Facebook friends in whom you're interested — to create a crush list of sorts, basically — and then you'll wait:

The application cross-references your list with those of your friends also using the app. If someone you selected put you on their list, you'll both get a notice of the match.


The app aims to rule out the potential for rejection with its provision that if the interest isn't mutual, your crush will never know: Lists are kept private to the users. Downloading or "liking" the app is public though, so your friends will know you're using iWould.

In other words, the app is like that helpful kindergarden friend who would run around and confirm that your crushes are interested in you before you started making glittery Valentines Day cards.

Does the iWould work as well as that friend though? According to its creators, yes:

Currently, the app has more than 3,000 monthly users and it has been responsible for 163 matches

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