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Official Moleskine app now available


Moleskine notebooks are an incredibly beloved product and have an almost cult-like following, so it's only natural that they come in app form now.

The official Moleskine iOS app will work on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and while it won't exactly make you rush to throw out its analog counterparts, it's certainly a delightful way to jot down a few notes on occasion.

The app is slightly more elaborate than a notebook, but it still mimics the general feel of a traditional Moleskine as well as an app can. Users can select a notebook paper style — plain, ruled, or squared — as well as one of several note taking tools. There are ways to add images, edit text, sketch basic things, organize thoughts, geo-tag items, and share notes via email or social networks.

Some of the features — such as the sketching tool — feel a bit quirky and others — such as the mapping of notes as well as the social network sharing tool — are prone to crashing, but that doesn't seem to be anything that a future app update couldn't fix.


The Moleskine app is free and available in the Apple App Store now.

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