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Keep your cell phone alive with pocket-size charger


"I might lose you. My cell phone is about to die." I can't count the number of times I've told people that. Or I go to make an important call only to find my phone is already dead. Arghh...

The problem is that smartphones, like my iPhone, have big screens and powerful processors that can suck a battery dead in less than a day. If I forget to charge my iPhone overnight, I'm in big trouble the next day.


So I carry a little device in my bag from Radio Shack that lets me charge my phone on the go, the Enercell Portable Power for iPod and iPhone ($39.99 on RadioShack.com). It's pocket-sized, rechargeable and inexpensive and has a built-in iPhone connector. In other words, it’s a perfect solution.

There are other models available that work with any phone, offer even more power, run on AA batteries and have the ability to charge two devices at once.


For the glovebox, I recommend going with a AA model like the Tekkeon TekCharge MP1550 ($19.99 on Amazon.com). It won’t provide as much power as a rechargeable model, but it’s perfect for an emergency backup. Be sure to keep the charger stored with the power switched off to keep the batteries fresh until you need them.  

If you’re looking for a backup device with a lot of power, the iLuv iBA300 ($69.99 on Amazon.com) delivers. It provides approximately 15 hours of additional talk time from its 2700mAh battery. Most chargers are rated at 1150mAh (about three additional hours) or 1800mAh (about four additional hours). The iLuv iBA300 is also capable of outputting more power than standard chargers, which means it can be used with the iPad.


You can charge two devices simultaneously with the iGo Charge Anywhere ($39.99 on iGo.com). It also plugs directly into the wall (unlike other rechargeable models which charge through a USB port), so it can replace your usual wall charger while traveling.

There are few gadgets that I recommend everyone should buy. A back-up battery-powered phone charger is one of them.

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