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Survey: Frequent Twitter users have shorter relationships

Is someone you know tweeting a great deal? According to a recent survey by dating site OKCupid, he or she might be prone to having shorter relationships and masturbating more than most people. 

The way the folks at OKCupid came to these conclusions: they combined survey question results with what they've learned from their users' activities and looked for patterns. Two of those patterns? That frequent Twitter users appear to have shorter relationships and masturbate more.

Let's break those conclusions down a bit.


According to OKCupid, information from 833,987 OKCupid users was analyzed to determine the relationship length pattern. Based on the chart corresponding to that data, we can see that an 18-year-old individual's average relationship lasts about nine months if he or she is prone to using Twitter daily or about nine-and-a-half months if he or she isn't a regular Twitter user.

The difference in average relationship lengths appears to fluctuate between about half a month and three-quarters of a month among most age groups — except when it comes to 50-year-olds. Twitter usage apparently makes a two month difference when it comes to the older folks. Yikes!

Of course, we have to keep in mind that this information doesn't mean that frequent Twitter usage leads to shorter relationships, but simply that the surveyed Twitter users happened to be more likely to have shorter relationships.


When it comes to the tendency to masturbate, data from 21,315 OKCupid users between the ages of 18 and 24 was used to determine that there is a two-to-one chance that a frequent Twitter user masturbated on any given day. Again, this doesn't mean that Twitter usage leads to masturbation, but simply that the Twitter users surveyed happened to be more likely to owning up to self-pleasure sessions.

Those two charts were the geekiest from the latest batch of OKCupid data, but there are several more images that you can check out if you head over to the OKCupid blog. (Caution: All of the charts are a bit on the naughtier side of things.)

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