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Kids on Charlie Sheen: 'I think he's coco bananas'

Charlie Sheen may be a bad influence on adults willing to pay actual money to see the mentally-unbalanced misogynist bash the mothers of his children and otherwise rant incoherently. Kids, however, seem to have his number ... which is awesome news, considering they're our future and whatnot. As young Dylan puts it in the latest 'Kids React to Viral Videos' series from YouTube's the Fine Brothers, "I no longer believe in Charlie Sheen."


And Fine Brothers followers take note! Turns out, the (alleged) siblings have big fans over at BBC America who are impressed by their speed spoilers such as "100 scary movies in 5 minutes," "50 Book Spoilers in 4 minutes," "100 TV Spoilers" and a whole bunch more.  So with the new "Dr. Who" season right around the corner, BBC America asked Benny and Rafi do the same for the entire series. Check out Dr. Who: 47 years in 6 minutes.

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