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Bacon fat keyboard makes Twitter for the birds

For as long as a lot of people who use the Internet can remember, nerds strived to combine beloved bacon and technology into something beyond the pedestrian clogging of our arteries. From the butch — but basically useless — BA-KA-47 to the dubious support of the bacon bra, all efforts are spectacular, but in the end, really pretty dumb.

Until now.

Voldemars Dudum, bird lover and writer at Latvian weekly magazine Ir, screwed unsalted bacon fat cubes (aka "suet") to a keyboard hooked up to Twitter and set it up on a windowsill with a webcam, inviting the local Tomtits of Sarnate village to a winter-long tweet n' eat.

Tomtit. What? Stop giggling. That's an actual kind of a bird — in the family of the Australian Robin. The Tomtit is small, with a short bill but a big head — all the better to tweet with, my dear. They're also illiterate, as these examples from the @hungry_birds Twitter stream reveal:


Apologies if this is actually Tomtit for, "had suet for breakfast ... watching Glee tonight."

Even if it is nonsense, it's all good to the more than 3,000 followers of the @hungry_birds Twitter stream, as well as Dudum, who says, "Yes, one may say it is quite silly, but if you look at what people sometimes say on Twitter, then the tomtits’ messages are still OK."

Unfortunately for would-be followers @hungry_birds and those who'd like to catch some live Tomtit suet cam are out of luck for the season. Spring has returned to Sarnate, and the birds, who haven't tweeted since April 13, seem to have gone back to their insectivore ways. 

Either that, or they're trying to cut back on cholesterol.

via Wired

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