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Royal wedding rules Twitter

Troy Holden

Even Twitter co-founder Biz Stone caught the royal wedding fever. Here he is shown jokingly preparing Twitter's servers for the event.

The entire world is glued to televisions, computers, and whatever other devices can provide news about the royal wedding right now — or at least that's the impression we get if we look at Twitter's current trending topics. It seems that Will and Kate are ruling all ten of the worldwide trend spots.


A snapshot of the Twitter topics trending worldwide on the day of the royal wedding.

As you can see by the screenshot on the right, all ten of the words or phrases trending in the world of Twitter right now are related to the royal wedding. In case you're curious about what each one represents, we consulted Twitter tracking site What the Trend for explanations:

  • #proudtobebritish - People are showing their patriotism and pride of being British due to the royal wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
  • #rw11 - The royal wedding of Prince William & Catherine Middleton is taking place in London and people are watching and posting their reactions.
  • #royalwedding - Prince William & Catherine Middleton were wed today at Westminster Abbey.
  • William & Kate - Prince William and Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton were married on April 29, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.
  • QILF - People smart enough to realise how a monarchy works know that if you marry a king you become a queen and are tweeting this. [Note: Careful about conducting Google searches for this term. It is a bit crude.]
  • Sarah Burton - Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen, created Kate Middleton's wedding dress.
  • Buckingham Palace - The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge will appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony.
  • Edith Bowman - Edith Bowman is an ex-girlfriend of Prince William. And his dad, Prince Charles.
  • Grace Kelly - Kate Middleton's wedding dress is very Grace Kelly-esque.
  • Huw Edwards - The BBC News reader is presenting their Royal Wedding coverage.

While we are unable to confirm it at this time, we believe that this may be one of the only times that a single event has managed to monopolize all ten of the worldwide trend spots on Twitter. Not too shabby for a wedding.

The excitement aside, we're pleasantly stunned to see that Twitter — as well as other social-media services — appear to be standing up to the force of the royal wedding quite well so far. Occasional downtime or timed-out pages appear to be the norm during major events, but the royal wedding — despite all its popularity — appears to be having little of an effect on our favorite sites. (Sorry if we jinxed things by writing those words!) 

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