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Royal wedding's 'Frowning Flower Girl' rules Internet

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Despite Princess Beatrice's Cthulhu hat (aka "the thing cannot be described") making a valiant effort and the cartwheeling priest of Westminster Abbey putting in a brave showing, 3-year-old bridesmaid Grace Van Cutsem is hands-down the royal wedding meme to rule the Internet.

As newlyweds Wills and Kate shared an uncomfortable micro-kiss from the Buckingham Palace balcony, the roar of the adoring crowd proved to be a bit much for little Grace, who will no doubt live down her new meme moniker, the "Frowning Flower Girl" well into her senior years.

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Hoda and Kathy Lee are too loud for little Grace. Go figure!

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Frowning Flower Girl may be British, but she knows how it feels to be American!

The goddaughter of Prince William, and daughter of Lady Rose Astor and Hugh Van Cutsem, had a royal nap in her near future, surmised TODAY Moms editor Rebecca Dube — but not before her adorable grumpy image had been Photoshopped into countless volume-challenged situations. 

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Frowning Flower Girl is sick of Don Draper's sobbin'!

Buzzfeed's Matt Stopera led the charge, asking a question of the Internet and providing the tools to provide an answer:

3-year-old Grace Van Cutsem, the goddaughter of Prince William, was by far the best person at the Royal Wedding. Where else have you seen miserable little Grace?! Use our image overlay tool to photoshop her into various situations.

Grace may have already supassed Tina Fey's swaggering daughter Alice for top tot meme status. Here are some of our favorites so far ...

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Frowning Flower Girl doesn't have time for Sad Keanu's moping, either!

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Frowning Flower Girl does not find Charlie Sheen to be #winning!

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Oh, and in case you were wondering, she doesn't care for "Friday" either.

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More royal wedding ridiculousness:

Helen A.S. Popkin also needs a post-royal wedding nap. Afterwards, you are cordially invited to join her for tea on Twitter and Facebook.