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'If I Die' Facebook app prevents deathbed regrets


If I Die

One day you may find yourself staring at the ceiling above your deathbed and crying like a child because you realized that you forgot to leave messages for the world to see after you pass away — funny, touching and significant messages.

Thankfully you can prevent such a heartbreaking moment from happening ... by using a Facebook app.

The Next Web reports that a Facebook app called If I Die provides a way for you to leave messages — either in letter or in video form — for your family, friends, and enemies to see after you meet your maker.

All you need to do is upload your message and give the app permission to place a post on your Facebook wall. Of course this post won't go up until three trusted individuals selected by you confirm that you are indeed deceased. But that's all there is to the process.

If I Die

The death confirmation procedure isn't exactly as elaborate as that of services like LifeEnsured — which can check Social Security death records — and there's definitely a chance that the individuals you designate as trustees could decide to be pranksters and confirm your death just to see what your final message is. So do exercise some caution and leaving the big important things for your will.

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