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Study: Social media users really are nice people

When they look up from posting to their blogs or browsing the Internet, the social media savvy are more likely than the un-savvy to share their stuff, help someone with directions, or give up a seat on the bus.

This data comes out of a new survey of more than 24,000 people in 16 countries, masterminded by non-profit organization Let's Heal, reports The Next Web. The survey compared respondents’ social habits, Internet and media usage and brand preferences.

And there's more. When the social media savvy — those frequently on sites like Twitter and Facebook — make their way to the grocery story (after plucking an escaped kitty off a tree, and stopping by the weekly blood drive), they're also more likely to be partial to products from companies that share their philanthropic bent, choosing brands that embrace a socially conscious agenda.

The diaper company Pampers, whose cause is to rid the world of tetanus by vaccinating one child for every bag of Pampers sold, is a hot example, says The Next Web.

Let's Heal used the data from the survey toward its newly published instruction manual for brand-conscious companies. The book, called How Advertising Will Heal the World and Your Business, is a way for a company to “Make the world a better place, win a Nobel Prize, and sell more.”

It seems like playing nice and winning over bloggers is step one.

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