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New York City is Twitter capital of the world

You can say Rep. Anthony Weiner was foolish and disgusting for using Twitter to share photos of himself and his privates (and he was), but he was especially so considering that he lives in Twitter Central: New York City, where what happens in NYC doesn't stay in NYC.

The Big Apple is the capital of Twitter, notes Virginia Heffernan, in writing about WeinerTwittergate for The New York Times:

"Residents of the state of New York use Twitter some 30 percent more than the national average, and New York City, for per capita use, is considered the Twitter capital of the world."

That's not surprising considering New York is the media hub of the world. Of Twitter's approximate 175 million registered users.

Sysomos, which does social media analytics, found last year that while London "has the most individual Twitter accounts ... New York accounted for the most number of tweets coming from a single city," said Sysomos spokesman Sheldon Levine in an email to msnbc.com.


Top cities by the number of tweets coming from that city.

The congressman, whose woes keep worsening, wants a leave of absence from Congress, and says he is going to get professional treatment. Meanwhile, his Twitter followers continue to increase, and were nearly 80,000 as of Monday.

Even he noted on his Twitter feed recently: "Wow, so many followers now. #IsThereTrollRemovalSoftware?"

Some of the recipients of his tweets might be asking the same question.

— Via Business Insider

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