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Woman threatens boyfriend with knife because of Facebook

There are jealous women and then there's 28-year-old Kaileen Barney of Ferndale, Michigan. Barney is currently headed to court because she threatened her boyfriend with a knife and smashed his iPhone after noticing that he was using Facebook just a little bit too much.

According to the Daily Tribune, police found Barney intoxicated and locked out of the home she and her boyfriend share. Apparently the man had managed to lure her outside and close the door to put some distance between himself and the knife-wielding woman.

Based on what we were able to confirm with the Ferndale Police Department, the trouble started when Barney had become so angered by her boyfriend's constant use of Facebook and his contact with a former girlfriend that she started an argument:

The couple had been watching television when Barney began yelling at her boyfriend, police said ...

The man told police he went to the bedroom and told Barney she would have to sleep on the couch.

Barney, who works as a chef, entered the bedroom a short time later holding a large butcher knife, police said.

"She told her boyfriend, 'I’m a chef and I know how to use this,' " [Ferndale Detective John Thull] said. "She made seven or eight stabbing motions with the knife and came within inches" of striking the boyfriend.

Barney managed to smash her boyfriend's iPhone — the device which he most frequently used to access Facebook — before he coaxed her outside and called the police. The Facebook-hating chef was charged with felonious assault and malicious destruction of property.

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