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New Rebecca Black song to debut on YouTube soon

Chris Pizzello / AP

Did you just hear a horrifying noise? That was the sound of Rebecca Black fans screaming in joy as their parents — and the rest of the Internet — groaned in agony. The cause of this peculiar reaction? News that the 14-year-old singer has a new song coming out soon.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that "My Moment," Black's first single since the debut of the infamous "Friday," will be unleashed on the public on July 18. Those obsessed with the viral sensation of a pop singer will be able to listen to her latest song as soon as the clock strikes 8 p.m. on that fateful day by heading either to her YouTube channel or to her official website.

There aren't too many details about what we can expect, but we do know that the track was written by Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, a guy who's worked with Justin Bieber in the past. The song's accompanying video will apparently guide us through Black's "sudden rise to fame," which — as we know all too well — started with little more than an agonizingly catchy song which surpassed even Justin Bieber’s “Baby” to become "the most played Youtube clip of all time, with 167 million views and counting. "

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