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Seven Harry Potter films in 7 minutes

The Fine Bros. recap of the Harry Potter movies (except for the final one) in one breathless take

If you saved yourself from the masses that helped "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" set a new opening weekend, box office record, the Fine Brothers' rapid fire YouTube version of CliffsNotes will help prepare you for when you are ready to see the last movie installment of J.K. Rowling's epic series.

In the tradition of its other spoilers — 100 scary movies in 5 minutes and  50 famous novels in 4 minutes spring to mind — those who want to catch up on the first seven Harry Potter movies can do in this breathless, one-take wonder. (I wish I'd done it before I saw the last movie this weekend!)

The two "brothers" switch off in their script, giving fans a rollicking synopsis of each of those films, in order, faster than a Quidditch play! Decked out in their Hogwarts gear, they will appeal to fans and casual observers alike who've been caught up in a decade's worth of film history. 

It's a lo-fi production, with only stills of the characters, but fans still get a sense of how much Harry, Hermione and Ron have all grown up. 

And the Fine Bros., like true fans, exclaim something we all have said at one point or another in response some of the series' more baffling diversions: "We have no idea!"

But hopefully after this last movie, all that will finally be laid to rest. And we look forward to that video wrap-up, too!

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