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Tumblr's 'Babies with iPads' eye-catching


One of many babies from "Babies with iPads"

For some of my friends, the iPad is a must-have distraction (and educational tool) for their kids, who embraced it from the get-go. Now, a popular Tumblr blog has harnessed the unbearable cuteness of being that defines this youngest generation's instant comfort with the tablet.

"Babies with iPads" is a standout on Tumblr, which is saying something. After five years of existence, Tumblr has captivated 120 million users through 15 billion unique monthly page views.

Jeff Luppino-Esposito and Stelios Phili are the proud papas to the blog, which takes Tumblr's typical minimalist approach to curating, by inviting readers to send photos, which then gives them free rein to for use. They post the pictures with whip-smart captions using the babies' names. For the image above, for instance, they wrote: "Bennett gets his Yo Gabba Gabba fix on Spotify, but he still remembers the first Raffi track he bootlegged off Kazaa."

There are numerous other examples; but we won't deprive you of that fun. Just watch your sugar intake: it might go sky high with all the sweetness you're about to see.

But now we're wondering if "Babies with Kindle Fires" or "Babies with Nook Tablets" will be next, or if those tabs will catch on as quickly as the iPad has with that particular set. One thing we know for sure, tablets are the preferred medium for some babies, especially this one who thinks a magazine is a broken iPad:


 — via Mashable

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