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Thieves steal security cameras, but forget to take recording

Note to thieves: Getting away with stealing security cameras might be easier if you don't show your face to those lenses, and if you don't forget to take any evidence of such crimes with you, such as video recordings.

While one man has been taken into police custody in northern California in connection with such a case, another is still at large, but authorities hope the video (above) helps bring him in.

In the city of Linda, about an hour north of Sacramento, the Appeal-Democrat reported on the arrest of one suspected thief, Keith E. Cook-Fisher, 27, who was booked earlier this week into the Yuba County Jail on suspicion of conspiracy to commit a crime, a felony offense, that happened outside a health clinic.

Lt. Damon Gil told msnbc.com Friday that theft charges will be added later once the cost of the 12 cameras taken is tallied. He estimates it will be right around $900. Had the men entered the Harmony Health Clinic, burglary charges would have also applied. Inside, the footage from the cameras was downloaded to the clinic's computers.

Surveillance cameras recorded at least one man outside of the clinic, where the theft took place, but the video above shows Cook-Fisher's accomplice, who has yet to surface. Sheriff Steve Durfor said in a statement that two men took a total of 12 security cameras from the clinic during three burglaries over the weekend. 

Deputies have been able to recover six of the cameras. 

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