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Same sex marriage proposal during hockey game goes viral


Screenshot of proposal during Ottawa Senators game

Hey, you know where it's not a big deal when one woman proposes to another during a hockey game? Canada, that's where.

A video shot by the Ottawa Senators during a St. Patrick's Day game Saturday has ignited awwwws across that country and ours, and beyond, with the footage of two ladies in love sharing one of life's big moments: the marriage proposal. Set to Bruno Mars' "Just the way you are," the almost 2-minute segment has captured the attention of not only hockey fans, but fans of love everywhere.

In the video, Alicia Walton (in the blue rival Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and accompanied by Senators' mascot Spartacat, aka "The ambassador of fun") thinks she's on the ice for a promotional game, but in reality, her girlfriend, Christina Bionti (wearing the hometown Senators red) has set up the gag as an excuse to get down on her knee, pull out a ring and propose. The crowd goes wild — not goal scoring wild, but in a more awww shucks kind of way — as Spartacat holds up a sign that reads, "She said yes." (It's also heartening to know happy relationships can sustain sports rivalries!)

(Canada legalized same sex marriage in 2004.)

Senators spokesman Brian Morris told msnbc.com that the video has been viewed 600,000 times since it was posted Sunday — making it the most viewed video ever on SENSTV, the team's three-year-old video channel. (Prior to this, their biggest viewership was about 34,000, for a Sept. 2009 video.)

The two women came in to Ottawa for the game from Toronto, said Morris, who added that marriage proposals are not uncommon during games. He said they probably have 2 to 3 per season and that the video highlights from every game are always online, such as this.

The Senators have won 37 games and lost 27, with a goal of making the playoffs. (They missed last year, but made it in the 2009 - 2010 season.) 

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