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Soldier makes surprise return to sons ... as Captain America

YouTube/Welcome Home Blog

Screenshot of video "Military Dad, Disguised as Captain America, Surprises His Son on His Birthday"

Military homecomings are the kinds of moments families will always hold dear. And when a soldier returns from Afghanistan and transforms into Captain America to surprise his two young sons, we are all reminded of how precious and moving such reunions can be.

The video is a recent addition to the Welcome Home Blog ("the No. 1 site for videos of surprise military homecomings"), which has 30,295 subscribers, but its 400+ videos have been viewed nearly 87 million times. 

In this video, a young boy dressed as Captain America answers the doorbell with his younger brother (dressed in PJs) close behind. To his surprise, it's a full-size Captain America! 

The boy has no idea it's his father, who he thinks is still in Afghanistan, until the unmasking at breakfast. Watch how he and his brother react, and see if you're not grateful, just a little bit, that we can be witness to an intimate family moment such as this.

And here's TODAY's take on it:

TODAY's Natalie Morales takes a look at a video going viral of a military dad returning home from Afghanistan and surprises his son by dressing up in a Captain America costume.

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