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Smart Car tweets turn into movie


Screenshot of part of Smart Car Argentina's Twitter page

From time to time on Twitter, we see some creative imagery — not just in language, but in images, mostly of the ASCII variety. But Smart Car Argentina takes it up a notch with its movie that incorporates the stop-motion animation technique to depict the happy go-lucky jaunt of its signature ride in a typical day through the city — using its Twitter page as the vehicle.

Smart not only describes the car, but also how the company used the American Standard Code for Information Interchange (better known as ASCII). Go to the Twitter page, and hit the "J" key to scroll down — vs. flipping through pages in a book — and watch the little car move across the urban landscape, making people and buildings smile. (And admit it, you too.)

We've seen some pretty cool ASCII art on Twitter, such as those from @emotebot and @asciipoet, or those seen randomly in your Twitter feed, but this stands out. 

The video is below, but it's more fun to recreate it for yourself.

— via TechCrunch and Fast Company

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