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Which iPhone 5 feature do you like best?

Wilson Rothman / NBC News

The matte back of the new iPhone 5.

Ready to splurge on the new iPhone 5, announced Wednesday by Apple? For many, it's the one, must-have gadget of the year, whether you're a geek or a princess, a princess-geek or even just a regular Joe.

The new phone, which will be out Sept. 21, is the sixth-generation iPhone, and has some new goodies. Among them: A bigger 4-inch display; also, it's not only the thinnest iPhone, at 7.6 mm, Apple claims it's the "thinnest smartphone in the world," as well as being 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S.

The all-glass back of the last model now has a matte finish, making it less perilous for scratches if (or should we say "when") it gets dropped.

The camera in the phone — and the new iPod touch — has a very appealing Panorama feature. As NBC News' Wilson Rothman wrote, "You just hoist the phone aloft and pan across your field of view, and you end up with a seamless panoramic image, suitable for framing (if you're any good at photography, that is — alas, I am not)."

The phone's battery life is improved as well, Apple says. You can look to get 8 hours of 3G talk and browsing; 8 hours of LTE browsing; 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing and 10 hours of video. There will be 225 hours of standby.

So, with some of these features mentioned, which do you like the best? Let us know by taking our poll!

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