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Binders full of funny: Romney meme spurs joke Amazon reviews


"There are some problems with this binder," complains Ruth from New Hampshire. "First, there are no women in it."

A remark made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during Tuesday's debate brought us a meme that just keeps on giving. There are tweets, there's a dedicated Tumblr, there are so many silly images that seeing them all would take until the next election cycle. And now there are appropriately themed — and oh-so-hilarious — Amazon reviews.

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This isn't the first time we've seen Internet jokesters take to the online retailer's pages to mock a product, person or brand, of course. Most recently, for example, a writing instrument specifically marketed to the fairer sex was the target of online snark. Unlike that bit of silliness, the latest attack on Amazon reviews isn't limited to one single product though. Instead, tongue-in-cheek reviews are appearing on a variety of binder related products.

"I used to think women were beyond organization till I discovered these binders," writes Martha H. Saltzman about an Avery Durable View Binder (with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring). "Now those pesky women are lined up, organized and orderly."

"The binders are very sturdy so the women didn't fall out or get wrinkled," Willard from Massachusetts says about a TOPS Cardinal XtraValue D-Ring Binder.

"Warning: these binders only fit one woman, not multiple," cautions a user named Mari in a review of a Filexec 3 Ring Binder.

Not every one is giggling along with the silly reviews though. Someone posting under the username "Intelligent Woman" is a bit annoyed, for example: "These political statements are simply ridiculous! This is a place for reviews of the product, not your political opinions. You people nit-pick at every tiny little thing."

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