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Kids react to politics: 'They're like five-year-olds fighting over a toy'

"I don't even know what politics are," appears to be the key utterance in the latest episode of "Kids React," a YouTube-based web series by hilarious (and talented) producer team Fine Brothers.

As in previous episodes, kids ages 6 to 13 are shown some clips related to the latest news phenomenon, then interviewed for the amusement of us older folks. The youngsters' reactions are typically a mix of precious, silly, ridiculous and insightful — and this pattern continues in the most recent episode, during which clips connected to the race to the White House were shown.

"This is like middle school, where you get bullied," points out one of the kids, after seeing a campaign ad. "They're like five-year-olds fighting over a toy — except the toy is America," adds another.

The entire campaigning process seems odd to these brutally honest kids. Why on Earth would anyone want to be President, wonders one of them. "Even rappers make more money than the President," after all.

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