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Viral video vote: Dragon baby, Obama 'raps,' 'I Do' cam, elevator prank


You saw them all on TODAY this week (wait, you didn't? Get watching!). Now, decide which one made you cringe, clap and just plain LOL the most. 

Two weeks ago you liked the elevator prank that left riders terrified. Can it beat three new challengers for the title of TODAY's Top Click? Vote below. 

1. Baby Kung-Fu! Tot takes on dragon
Indie filmmaker and dad Patrick Boivin has set the bar pretty high for parents creating videos of their kids! He shot his adorable son taking on a dragon toy. Read more about the video

2. Obama ‘raps’ MC Hammer in viral mashup 
Mashup artist Barackdubs edited together words from President Obama’s speeches and set them to MC Hammer’s song “Can’t Touch This,” for a hilarious remix that shows how the president may have celebrated last night. Read more about the video

3. ‘I do’ cam catches intimate wedding moments 
An Internet video documents a San Diego couple’s wedding day from a small camera placed inside the bride’s bouquet. 

**Previous winner**
4. Ad’s elevator prank leaves riders terrified
The bottom of an elevator was replaced with screens playing a video that simulated the floor falling away, and a hidden camera captured riders’ terrified reactions.


Have a candidate for next week? Submit it in the comments below. 

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