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Create junk Facebook and Twitter accounts to get discounted stuff without spamming your friends

via Lifehacker

Tons of companies offer discounts and "free" stuff in exchange for posting a little ad on your Twitter or Facebook page. While it may be a good deal, you don't necessarily want to clutter up your social media feeds with a bunch of ads. The solution?

Create junk accounts specifically for the purpose.You can create an account with whatever name you like. When it comes time to sell a spot on your feed for a free coffee or app, just use the junk account you created instead of your primary one. While this might be a little disingenuous, you're still helping the company get the word out without annoying your friends with an advertisement written by someone else.

Note: Using a fake name on Facebook is a violation of the site's policies, so you do run the risk of getting your "spam" profile disabled. Twitter, as this Giga Om story points out, doesn't care what your real name is.