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iPhone 5 beats Kate Upton, Gangnam Style and the Olympics in Yahoo searches

Rosa Golijan / NBC News

Step aside, Kate Upton. Quiet down, Kim Kardashian. Relax, Lindsay Lohan. Sit still, Kate Middleton. None of you gals are as important to Yahoo Search users this year as … the iPhone 5.

As Yahoo's annual list of top searches reveals, the only search topic to beat the iPhone 5 in 2012 is the election. Everything else  including the ladies listed above, the Olympics, and so on — took a lower rank in the search engine's list of the top overall searches.

Naturally, this distinction also means that the iPhone 5 took the top spot in a list of the most searched gadgets on Yahoo. In fact, the top three spots on this particular list are occupied by Apple gadgets. The iPad 3 and iPad Mini come in second and third place, respectively, after the iPhone 5. Samsung's Galaxy S3 snags the fourth spot, followed — in order — by the Kindle Fire, iPhone 4, Nook, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Samsung Galaxy Note.

While the top ten gadget-related queries are indeed an even split between Apple gadgets and Android-powered device, not a single Android-related topic penetrated the top ten overall search queries on Yahoo this year. We don't even dare speculate what this might mean to arguments between fanboys and fangirls.

We've reached out to the folks at Google to find out what their top search queries were in 2012. While we wait to hear more about what the boys and gals in Mountain View saw at the top of their charts, we'll continue to marvel over the fact that Yahoo Search users were more obsessed with the iPhone 5 than with Honey Boo Boo, "Fifty Shades of Grey," and even "Gangnam Style."

Let that sink in for a bit.

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