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Snapchat CEO on app: 'Not a great way to share explicit content'

Snapchat — an app which allows users to send photos, videos, or messages which self-destruct up to 10 seconds after being viewed — has a reputation: It's ideal for sexting, most believe. The app's 22-year-old co-founder disagrees.

"On Snapchat, any image you send could be saved forever, whether it's by someone taking a photo with another camera or by someone taking a screenshot," Snapchat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel told TODAY. "So it's not a great place to send photos that you want to be secure."

"It's actually really easy to capture and save Snapchat content [...] and it's really important for our users and the media to understand that, you know," Spiegel emphasized. "Because it's easy to capture and save this content, it's not a great way to share explicit or inappropriate content."

Spiegel isn't the only one with concerns regarding how folks use Snapchat. "I think this kind of an app creates a false sense of security with teens because there's something very alluring about being able to take risks and do things where there'll be no evidence afterwards." Liz Gumbinner, editor in chief of Cool Mom Picks, explained on TODAY. 

"Talk to your kids about safety and privacy early and often," she offers to those worried about their youngsters sending naughty photos. "The Internet is not going away and it's best to just have the conversation and keep the channels of communication open, so that hopefully your kids will make better choices."

Forget about the birds and the bees, dear parents. You've gotta cover privacy and apps first nowadays.

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