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Pet robots to indoor s'mores: New and noteworthy gadgets

I’m always on a hunt to find the latest and greatest gadgets and websites that fire up the excitement meter.  As showcased on TODAY, here are some of my favorite devices, hot-off-the-presses, and a couple that have a new, fresh spin.


Test out this gadget for hours of shower tunes.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead and wireless speaker, kohler.com, $148
Even singing in the shower has finally evolved. Of all the gadgets I’ve tested in the past few months, this is one of my favorites. An estimated 75 percent of individuals use their phone in the bathroom. Since you already have it with you, why not make full use of it? The Kohler Moxie Showerhead and wireless speaker syncs with any Bluetooth device, and allows for up to seven hours of tunes. The magnetic speaker pops in and out of the showerhead easily, so once you’re clean you can carry that soundtrack or theme song of yours with you.

Westminster, Inc.

iWiper glasses.

iWiper Glasses, westminsterinc.com, $15
Wow, this about solves the biggest problem for me. For now, you will have to wait for retailers to buy the iWiper Glasses from the distributor wholesale. The only question I have is do they come in prescription?


Light up your ears with these LED earrings.

LED Earrings, thinkgeek.com, $27
Looking for the perfect gift for the geek girl in your life? Diamond earrings are a huge investment. Plus, who has time to go to go to Jared? LED earrings are unique and with red, blue and white lights, they will help you stand out from the crowd any time of day or night. Bonus: each pair comes with two sets of batteries, and you turn them off by removing the back. Let your soul glow. I plan on wearing one red and one blue to my next Pitbull concert.


Here's a way to customize your chocolate consumption.

Chocomize.com, chocolate bars starting at $4.25
Step up your “I’m sorry,” “thanks” or “hey, I’m just gonna eat this thing all on my own for no special reason” gestures. Chocomize.com lets you customize your milk, white or dark chocolate bars with a variety of ingredients. Even though the Chocomize site has only been out for a hot second, it’s always adding new topping options, such as spices (lavender and pumpkin spice) candy (gummy bears and pop rocks) seeds (pumpkin seeds and butter toasted peanuts) fruits (banana chips and pineapple dices) decorations (sprinkles and rose petals) and last but not least, “other” (banana chips and bacon). Each ingredient costs around 85 cents. Willy Wonka would be proud.

Social Print Studio

Turn your Instagram pictures into lasting memories with Printstagram.

Printstagram, printstagr.am, starting at $10
So you’ve taken 5,000 Instagram pics, now what? Print ‘em out in style! Create pics, stickers, mini books or posters by instantly importing all your pics. Finally, you can dedicate an entire album to all those Instagrams of your homemade chicken parm.


For a futuristic version of a flipbook, try FlipClips.

FlipClips, starting at $14.99
Remember flip books, those small books that took a series of slightly different photos, and, when flipped through, they looked animated? Well the technology has improved, but flip books are here to stay. Today, you actually start with moving pictures—i.e. a video on your smart phone—and instantly upload it to FlipClips. The app deconstructs it into individual photos and presents you with your very own animation booklet.


Your key to a pet robot.

Romo, Romotive.com, $149
Growing up, I couldn’t have a pet because my dad had terrible allergies. At least, that’s what he told me. Now, even kids with “allergic” parents are in luck, because there’s Romo—aka Romotive—an app/device package that transforms your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch into a pet robot. Simply place your Apple device on the Romo dock, download the free app, and your phone becomes an uber-cute, mobile bot that has some serious speed, 60-degree tilt and a lot of expression. You can use it to play games, watch its moods change and invite others to wirelessly control it from anywhere. Romo’s main mission is to get kids psyched about science, tech and engineering. The best part is no litter-box to clean up.


Save a step with the minibru, and make your coffee in its mug!

minibru Coffee Mug, thinkgeek.com$15
Finally, a French press that makes coffee by the cup. With minibru Coffee Mug, the mug and coffee maker are one in the same. Simply add coffee to the first line, fill hot water to the next line, insert the filter, press down slowly and you’re rollin.


Bring your campfire indoors with these s'mores.

Indoor S’mores, 3tarts.com, ($21) and Bonjour crème brulee torch, ($30 JC Penney)  
I’m a sucker for two things: marshmallows and fire. Sadly, it was once tough to combine my two loves and make s’mores in a NYC apartment. Recently, I’ve discovered there’s no need for a campfire when you can make s’mores indoors with your own mini blow torch (a la crème brulee torch) and indoor s’mores kit. You can find the brulee torch in any kitchen store, and all it takes is butane fluid, which is cheap. Go gourmet with the artisinal marshmallows in 3tarts.com’s indoor s’mores kit.

Katie Linendoll is an Emmy Award-winning technology expert contributing to ESPN, ESPN.com and ESPN The Magazine. She hosts a tech show on Spike TV and can be seen as a tech expert on TODAY. She has a degree in information technology new media from the Rochester Institute of Technology.