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2 'bad boy' brothers turn to Craigslist for wedding dates

When Dave and Mike, two single guys in their 20s, were told by their cousin that they had to bring dates to her wedding, they took her joke seriously, hitting Craigslist to drum up dates and getting over 1,000 responses.

You can find a job on Craigslist, as well as an apartment, and furniture for that apartment. So why not a date to a wedding?

That’s what two brothers figured when they placed an ad on the online classified site last week. The twentysomething sibs placed the ad on Craigslist after being ordered by their cousin to bring dates to her wedding next month. Monday on TODAY, Dave and Mike (they didn't want to reveal their last name) admitted that the command was issued so that they “stay under control” instead of ogling all the single ladies in the crowd.

In the ad they posted last week, the brothers describe themselves as “dashingly tall, Anglo-Saxon” men in their 20s, “love to party, completely house-trained.” And here’s the kicker that assuredly has reeled in the ladies:

“Raw, emotional, sensitive but still bad boys.”

The brothers told TODAY’s Matt Lauer they originally hoped to take two sisters they knew, but learned that one of the young ladies was in Uganda doing clinical work. “So while we were coming up with a backup plan, we put this together,” Dave said.

In their ad, the brothers encouraged responses in pairs so that their dates will know at least one person at the wedding. “Sisters (twins?!) are preferable, but we'll take friends, or even enemies,” it read. “You should be attractive or our aunts will judge you, but not TOO attractive or one of our uncles might grope you.”

So far Dave and Mike estimate they have received more than 1,800 responses, most of them serious, and many of them creative.

Among the hopeful are Jill and Jayne, who described themselves as “genuinely fun and a bit nuts” and sent a PowerPoint presentation along with their note.

Another applicant ended her response with a verse from the Journey tune “Don’t Stop Believing.” Dave liked that it rhymed where appropriate. Mike noted it was creative.

“The timing was on. Mike and I were singing it all night. They’re going to get a call back," Dave said.

Someone who won’t be making the final cut? Penny, a 53-year-old married woman who is taking care of her disabled husband and wanting to bring her 50-year-old sister.

“We’re not going to wreck a home,” Mike said.

The brothers addressed a caveat mentioned in their ad, which promises royalties to their dates if Hollywood comes calling, wanting to turn their evening out into a romantic comedy. They estimate they have an 85 percent chance of this happening, but do have strict standards.

“We refuse the right to let Ashton Kutcher play either of our characters, however, we will consider him for a supporting role,” they note in the ad.

Kutcher also could play their older brother, they told Lauer.


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